Our most exclusive suites certainly give you the unmatched view of the main Plaza, the cathedral, and the volcanoes. Our designers have carefully chosen antiques acquired directly from traditional Arequipan houses for your sleeping and sitting area accommodations. These and other decorating elements were inspired by three of the most important people associated with the city:



Although the lack of written records on the pre-hispanic period makes it hard to confirm, it is widely accepted that Inca Mayta Capac was responsible for joining the valley of Arequipa to the Inca Empire. Our Mayta Capac suite blends colonial furniture with several decorative details related to the Inca Empire. This suite has a partial glass ceiling that maximizes your view of the main cathedral, the volcanoes, and the usually clear blue sky of Arequipa.


Garcí Manuel de Carbajal was the Spanish lieutenant that established a Hispanic settlement in the valley of Arequipa in 1540. Lured by its impressively benevolent climate, he and his soldiers founded (at the Plaza de Armas), planned, and initiated the construction of the colonial city of Arequipa, which became the city center that was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in December 2000. In this suite we include several references to De Carbajal and the Spanish foundation of Arequipa.


Born in Arequipa in 1894, Jose Luis Bustamante y Rivero was President of Peru and of the International Court of Justice in The Hague. His family owned the property where this hotel is built. This suite contains furniture and decorative elements linked to Arequipa during the Republican period and several details that relate to Bustamante y Rivero.